Mozilla’s VPN comes out of beta for Windows and Android

Mozilla has officially launched its VPN service, and it is now available for use on Android and Windows, as per the company’s latest announcements. The Mozilla VPN is open for subscription in six countries, namely, the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand, to connect to the servers in more than thirty countries worldwide. The company has priced the subscription at $4.99 per month. Just like any other VPN, this one is also expected to make web browsing more secure and private for you. Also, a part of the initiative, this VPN service, is getting a rebranding from being Firefox Private Network to Mozilla VPN, which was announced by the company in June this year. Here are more details from what is known about this new VPN on the block.

The advantages of the Mozilla VPN service

Mozilla has claimed that the VPN service it’s bringing to the market has a number of advantages over its other competitors. Here are the top four advantages that Mozilla has been banking upon:

  • Mozilla VPN is slated to provide a faster browsing experience as it is based on the protocol that uses less than one-third of the lines of coding, compared to an average VPN.
  • It comes with a privacy-focused browsing experience, which means only the information needed to run the service is collected, instead of saving up all data logs of the user.
  • The VPN comes with a kill switch that you can use if the VPN starts dropping out. However, you can carry out browsing even with your standard connection using split tunneling.
  • The price plan of $4.99 per month is pretty affordable when you compare it with the annual plans of most of the VPN service providers in the market. There is also a thirty-day money-back guarantee, so you get a chance to test out the service if you want.
  • The company is hoping that these two factors will make Mozilla VPN gain traction and attract more users in the market.

The beta trials of the VPN in the USA

The launch of the VPN comes on the heels of the beta trials in the USA. It is also expected to include the tests of a VPN that will be directly built into the Firefox browser. Mozilla announced back in June that the beta will be tested by asking the users to spend $2.99 a month for unlimited use of this extension that is expected to conceal the traffic within a browser, instead of going through a system-based level. It is great news that Mozilla VPN is now available in six countries. If it’s really as good as the company claims, it will certainly become of the popular choices in the days to come. Mozilla wants to expand the availability of the VPN to more number of countries in the latter half of 2020. For now, only Windows and Android users can use it, but talks are one for an iOS launch soon enough.