Microsoft Dual Screen Device is Ready for launch

The tech world has been set abuzz as there is a new gadget about to be launched this month: Microsoft Surface Duo. The excitement is palpable as the techies can’t wait to get their hands on this new dual-screen Smartphone, whose launch date is coming near.

After all, the wait has been too long this time. The latest Surface Duo design was revealed back in October 2019, but the specs were kept mostly secret. A small video clip of merely 37-second was aired last month to hint at some of the device’s integration capacities and features. In that clip, the only thing people got to see was that the basic background could be changed with a single swipe. Moreover, the company’s executives have been teasing the new device on Twitter for months now.  Though the specs have been kept a secret largely, some of it has recently come to light through the tips provided by experts like Evan Blass and Paul Thurrott.

The Front Panel and the Screens

Going by the tips of the experts, it seems that the front panel has the Microsoft logo, and the flash is situated right next to where the camera lens is on the top right side. The first screen features the Google search widget, including the time and date widget. Right at the bottom of this first page, you will find Outlook, OneNote, and Microsoft Edge.  The second screen has Google’s camera, messages, and phone apps. You will find the third-party applications and Microsoft applications on the main home screen. The leaks about the specs have also hinted that the dual screens are of 5.6 inches in size, which is good enough.

The New App Groups Feature

Users are especially excited about the new app groups that Microsoft has included in the device. It lets the users of Surface Duo pair two apps that they often use at the same time, to make it easier for them to multitask. The users can also create a shortcut to this app duo on their home screen so that they can open and access both the apps at the same time, as needed.

Other Important Specifications

Several rumors have also been floated about other specifications of the device, such as USB-C chargers and a 3,460 mAH battery. Apparently, there will be one eleven megapixel camera that serves as both the rear and front camera. The device is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset and with a 6 GB RAM. Going by the trends in the Android phones, Surface Duo will have three varieties in storage configurations: 256 GB, 128 GB, and 64 GB. The device was slated to be launched in late 2020, and there were even rumors that the launch could be pushed back to 2021. However, recent news suggests that Microsoft Surface Duo is all set to launch in August 2020. Most of the things about the device still remain a big mystery, and hopefully, the real facts will be revealed soon to the eager public.