Hone Your Skills from Home With IIM Kozhikode HR Courses Online

  • Are you looking to upskill in HR?
  • Have you stagnated at your current job?
  • Sick of recruiting or training and looking to switch specialisations?

You want to do the above-mentioned but can’t quit your job?

The solution is simple – HR Courses For Working Professionals. Several Edtech platforms are offering credible online HR courses for working professionals. The curriculum, the pedagogy, the study material, and most importantly, the sessions are all curated keeping in mind the bustling schedule of working professionals.

IIM Kozhikode is offering one such online course you can rely on. That’s right; the top-ranking institute of IIM Kozhikode, the one that is globally recognised and accredited, the one that belongs to the long line of IIMs.

Here’s how the HR program from IIM Kozhikode can help you:-

  1. Beyond People Management

Unlike most online HR courses for working professionals, the one offered by IIM Kozhikode focuses on more than just people management. The extensive curriculum covers Dimensions Of Human Resource Management, manpower planning, recruitment, selection, learning & development, performance management, organisational behaviour, etc. So rest assured, you get a well-rounded education by enrolling for this online course.

  • Learn How to Comprehend and Manage Behavioural Issues

Be it training, performance evaluation, or talent management, understanding psychological concepts that help comprehend and tackle behavioural issues is critical for an HR professional. And that is exactly what the IIM Kozhikode online HR program emphasis on.

Not just that, but the course also focuses on helping professionals understand the interface of such issues with performance and talent management.

  • Learn the Latest Trends and Skills

The biggest upside of enrolling for this online course is that you get to learn about the latest trends and themes prevailing in the domain. From HR analytics to talent management and employee engagement, the course offers 360-degree coverage of the entire domain.

  • Strengthen Your Resume

The HR job market has a lot of competition since HR professionals are needed in almost every organisation. The IIM Kozhikode online course can help you stand out from the crowd. The institute is ranked in the top-20 B-schools in the country, has strong collaborations for student exchange programs, and global recognition in countries like Australia, Chile, Germany, France, Greece, South Korea, Mexico, etc. So, a competitive edge is a no-brainer.

  • Improve Career Advancement Opportunities

The name IIM Kozhikode can open a lot of doors to multinational organisations. Landing your dream job can get a little easier with the IIM Kozhikode online HR course. Ranging from recruitment specialist to HR generalist and HR business partner, no specialisation is out of the question. You can train and focus on the choice of specialisation and land a lucrative job in the domain.

What Are You Waiting For?

IIM courses offer a 360-degree knowledge, have an engaging pedagogy, offer an accredited certificate from IIM Kozhikode, what else are you looking for? The IIM Kozhikode online HR courses for working professionals are just around the corner. Scour the Talentedge website (Edtech platform on which these courses are being offered) for IIM Kozhikode online course for HR professionals, enrol in one, and head towards career progression.