Permanent WFH for Employees Due to COVID

The COVID-19 outbreak had forced several big technology companies to go for permanent WFH or work-from-home services. Many big businesses find a stick to the new normal beneficial, and cohesive for their business operations.

Businesses have plans to let the majority of their staff members work from home permanently, mainly because they find this method more lucrative and productive at the same time. It is expected that more and more prominent technology companies will be making this move by finding inspiration from the big names.

Some big technology companies that have already decided to go WFH permanently are as follows:

· Facebook

According to the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, at least 50% of FB employees would be working from home in the coming five to ten years. The company is making such an effort to be financially prosperous and satisfying the desires of its employees. This way, more and more people would be employed with Facebook without going through the hassle of being present within location restrictions.

The founder believes that the WFH option would help Facebook have employees from different communities and backgrounds, along with different perspectives and ideas. This would help the company make further progress without taking much time.

· Shopify

Moving ahead, Shopify was amongst the very first big technology companies to announce its permanent WFH plans. The company head is of the view that office centricity is now a thing of the past. By default, the company is digital now and will keep its offices shut until the year 2021.

· Square

It is another company that comes from the same house as Twitter. It has decided to let its stuff work from their houses even when the pandemic is over. The company wants its employees to work from home and in an environment that best suits their productivity and efficiency.

According to this big technology firm, its employees have understood what it takes to perform some crucial roles while being away from the office. It has improved the learning curve of the employees, and thus the company has plans of continuing with permanent WFH.

· Twitter

Even Twitter has plans of allowing a part of its workforce to work from home permanently, provided the employees choose to do so. To date, there have been no job specifications and roles finalized for the work from home option.

According to experts working for the firm, the WFH option has proved beneficial for the company. The results achieved have shown that this option can be adopted for the long-term.

However, the company had made it clear that only if its employees are in situations and in roles that enable them to continue working from home, will they allow them to do so. The offices of the company will be open to welcome the employees warmly, not to forget the additional precautions for them who do not agree on this.

· Final Words

With the whole world adjusting to longer WFH reality, even tech workers are all prepped-up for this big move. So, the next norm in the work field measures productivity results instead of asking whether an employee is in office or not.