Best Marketing Podcasts to Make You a Better Marketer

Do you have any idea how long an average online user spends on social media every day? It is approximately two hours. This is by large incredible! The point here is if online businesses want to gain success instantly, they will have to work on using different digital marketing ideas to their advantage.

There is nothing better than undertaking a course in digital marketing to gain excellent skills in the field. But with the ever-evolving trends in this field, the best marketing podcasts come as the right solution. They are an effective, fun, and convenient way of keeping your fingers right on the pulse.

The beauty of gaining knowledge from the experts on the podcasts is that you will be getting precious tips, insights, and information you might have to pay for at an agency or a consultant.

Some of the best podcast providing the most useful marketing insights are as follows:

The Business of Digital Podcast

  • Dave Rohrer and Mat Siltala host this weekly podcast, which is more than just a simple marketing podcast.
  • The hosts cover a plethora of topics starting from content marketing and search engine optimization to social media and analytics.
  • Recently, the hosts of this podcast discussed some crucial tips for starting a brand new channel for content and why websites require search bars.
  • Previously, the hosts have even discussed some tips on managing time better, especially for the ones in the field of marketing.
  • The podcast offers listeners an idea of how they can reach their target audience with tips coming in straight from LinkedIn experts like AJ Wilcox.
  • You must give this marketing podcast your ears for the dynamism it offers regarding online marketing. 


  • This podcast is run by Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a speaker and an avid author apart from being the founder of VaynerMedia- a multi-million dollar marketing firm. Gary uses this podcast for answers to different queries related to marketing and social media.
  • He also covers general topics on entrepreneurship on this podcast. For the ones who are in the lookout of a high-intensity and knowledgeable host with fluff-free and honest responses, then AskGaryVee is the podcast for you.
  • This podcast has gained huge popularity among digital marketers for its straight-talking expert who is also the bestselling author, internationally applauded internet personality, and motivational speaker.
  • The podcast comes jam-packed with realistic tips, punch, and qualities for helping you keep up with the budding trends in the market and grow to be a superior marketer.

Behind the Numbers

  • This is one gem of a digital marketing podcast that examines the impact of marketing and media on the world of business.
  • It comes from the house of eMarketer and uses detailed reports, short sections, and long-form question and answer series for making the listeners think about the influences of their marketing procedures.
  • The majority of this podcast explores topics such as voice search, artificial intelligence, paid-advertising, and brand safety.
  • The different topics covered in this podcast are not just crucial for the presence of digital marketers but even for their future.
  • Those who do not have sufficient time to listen to the podcast regularly and tuning in just on Fridays can help.
  • There are multiple topics covered on Friday so marketers can get required industry insights.

Call to Action

  • This is yet another popular marketing podcast that covers the basics of online marketing.
  •  This weekly podcast will make you hear from experts on tricks and tips on pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, A/B testing, and content marketing.
  • It comes from Unbounce and goes a long way in breaking down everything related to digital marketing.
  • You can listen to topics ranging from planning and strategy to optimization and execution.
  • There are new guests welcomed every Wednesday to share their views on the latest trends in digital marketing.
  • The experts generally share tips and tricks that can be implemented immediately.

Content and Conversation

This podcast, hosted by Ross Hudgens, covers topics like search engine optimization, Reddit marketing, email outreach, and content marketing. The podcast is a repurposing of Ross’s recorded conversations with some of the most popular industry practitioners for the YouTube channel of his company named Siege Media.

The conversations, which are now available in the form of podcasts, are highly informative and useful for beginners in digital marketing.

Wrap Up

If you look for the best knowledge of digital marketing, then it is high time that you check out these informative and beneficial marketing podcasts. It does not matter which podcast you choose, as all of them have been carefully streamlined to help listeners stay on top of everything marketing. They will help you in keeping abreast of smart thinking in the fast-changing arena of digital marketing.

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